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United States Delegation of L'Academie Culinaire de France.
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Medailles Joseph Favre

21 Feb 2019, Posted by Sebastien Baud in Fluoxetine can it get you high

The 2019 Medals “Joseph Favre” was giving this year to 7 Accomplished chefs who help and give their time to transmit their knowledge and savoir faire to train young chefs who participate in competitions in Lyon (ICC) and Paris (Trophée Passion)

Eric Bertoia ( Paris Gourmet , New Jersey)

Sylvain Leroy ( Paris Gourmet, New Jersey)

Jacqui Pfeiffer (French Pastry School, Chicago)

Sebastien Canonne (French Pastry School, Chicago)

Olivier Reginensi ( Maison Kayser, New York)

Fabrice Guinchard ( Bridor, Chicago)

Bernard Cretier (Le Vichissois, Chicago)

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